About Us

After selling trailer decking for years, we saw a need for an alternative with better traction that would be stronger and longer lasting. Blackwood rubber infused lumber is that alternative.



Blackwood is made using premium grade lumber and industrial grade rubber. This in addition to our infusion process makes for a quality product every time.


Blackwood has revolutionized the trailer decking industry, but our forward thinking won’t stop here. Be on the lookout for the next innovative product in the Blackwood line.


The added traction Blackwood gives your trailer deck makes loading, unloading, hauling and working safer.

Blackwood and Blackwood Pro Sample


Blackwood was released in May 2014 and was exclusive to PJ Trailers for the open top trailer industry until November 2015. Blackwood was introduced to the livestock trailer industry in September 2014. In November 2015, Blackwood Pro was introduced at the NATDA show. Also in November 2015, Blackwood was featured as the cover story for Tracks Magazine. In January 2016, Blackwood was used to re-floor a trailer for the Discovery Channel show Diesel Brothers.

Blackwood can now be found at any of the distributors below. If you are interested in distributing Blackwood, please fill out the form below.