Dealers and Manufactures

Blackwood Lumber can be found at any of our dealers or manufacturers. Find the dealer closest to you on their websites.

Big Tex Trailers

Diamond C Trailers


Blackwood Lumber can now be purchased at

Installing Blackwood

To cut Blackwood Lumber, we recommend flipping the board upside down, using a finish blade, and cutting 75% of the way through with your first pass, and finishing with your second.

When installing Blackwood Lumber, counter sink the head of the screws through the rubber, to the top of the wood.


Blackwood Limited Warranty:

Original Owner Coverage

To qualify for Blackwood’s warranty you must be the original purchaser either from the manufacturer or dealer. Must be able to provide dated proof of purchase.

What the Warranty Covers

Warranty covers complete failure of the adhesion of the wood and rubber.

Terms of Warranty

A 24-month limited warranty from the date of purchase. Warranty covers the replacement of materials.

How to Make a Claim

To make a claim under the terms of this warranty, send photographs and description of the damage along with proof of purchase and/or original purchase receipt to:

Industrial Wood Technology
PO Box 672
Winona, TX 75792

Warranty Exclusions

Blackwood warranty will be void if used with tracked equipment. Blackwood warranty does not cover any damage done in result of product failure and is limited to the cost of Blackwood.

Blackwood warranty does not cover failure of rubber or failure of wood.